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Dream Needle Cartridges: Round liners
Together with a team of International artists we have developed Dream Needles, a system for which we used only the best materials.

Durable needles, individual inspected 
Sharp, durable needles that inject the maximum amount of ink into the skin. 
They are manufactured from 316 Medical Steel, with addition from tin made out of silver and not lead so there will be never a form of corrosion.
Each needle is individual inspected and brushed with a cloth wheel and cleaned with water (no chemicals) and finally polished.

The tip
The tip is made from medical plastic. The edges have contained as small as possible (RM/M1) to work as precisely as possbiel.

The shell
The Liner needles are equipped with a stabilizer poured into the shell so the needle will always be stable.
The shell features finger ledges on the side and bottom. The venthole is made in a corner of 45°and runs from large to small.
We have chosen this option to ensure the most stable ink flow possible. The needle is therefore patented.

The membrane consist of silica gel. The choice for silica gel was made easily, it prevents the membrane from drying out, contains flexible and reduces the noise. It also stops leaks.


  • FCC
  • CE
  • MSDS
  • ISO
  • 100% EO GAS gesteriliseerd

20 Pcs / box

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